Sunday, September 23, 2018

A Bit of the Sewing Challenge Progress

September is National Sewing Month.

It is Sewing Challenge Month at Harvest Lane Cottage.

I decided to keep a list of the things I do each day. It keeps me accountable. ~smile~ Read all about the challenge.

1    Mended stars shirt
2    Altered gray shirt
      Cut threads tan shorts
3    Mended shirt pocket
      Mended pockets in gray shorts
4    Mended pocket in 2nd pair gray shorts
5    Sewed a button on my dress
6    Finished a baby quilt* and worked on another
7    Finished two more baby quilts*
      Mended my son's work shirt
8    Mended my husband's hoody
9    Planned more baby quilts and possibly some bowl huggers
10  Sewed quilt blocks together for bowl huggers
      Sewed blocks together for baby quilt*
11  No sewing but lots of knitting. I was away from home all day and evening.
12  No sewing, but I knit, and I wrote off recipes for my daughter's birthday.

Alright. I need to have a reset! I got distracted in preparing for my daughter's birthday, an unexpected afternoon and evening away from home. I am usually stressed about things like this. I have chosen to give myself grace and keep going!

13  Repaired my husband's slacks pockets
      Sewed a small baby quilt top*
      Began sewing a second baby quilt top*
      Repaired a rice bag that had a hole in it.
14  Ironed several items for sewing, and sewed a couple baby quilt tops*
15  Sewed some squares together for yet another baby quilt top*
16  Basted shoulders on one of my tops
17  Hand sewed shoulder on my top
      Looked through fabric for pieces for a handbag

From the archive

Read more of my progress on the Sewing Challenge page.

* These are little quilts for babies who are stillborn or die as small infants. A man at our church manages a local cemetery, and he gives these to parents to wrap their babies in.

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  1. Oh sweet lady! What a sweet thing to do for grieving parents. I would love to see one of the baby quilts.

    1. Hi Penny,
      I'm still planning on taking some photographs. They'll end up on the blog soon I hope!

  2. Your gift of quilts at such a hard time is a wonderful gift. My mom used to sew white gowns and bonnets for babies who did not make it. The gowns were gorgeous and I know they helped families who were emotionally struggling

    1. Oh, I'll bet the gowns were wonderful. I cannot imagine the grief these mamas and papas are enduring. I just want them to feel a little love of Jesus.

  3. Those little quilts are sweet. My daughter's baby girl was still born in 2002 and she would've loved to wrap her in one of those. You are a special person for caring so much! Bless you.

    1. Thanks Kelli. I cannot imagine the pain of burying one's child. God bless you all!

  4. Laura- What a wonderful thing to do-those mini quilts for stillborns or infants that pass after birth. You are a good soul.
    I'd say you got quite a lot accomplished in short order. xo Diana

    1. Hello Diana,
      I'm just trying to do a little each day. Today I finished some coasters. I put one layer of cotton batting in them. I will try them out, then I'll decide if I need to put something else in them before I make more.

      I'm just trying to share a little love of Jesus.

  5. Laura, you have done so much in such a short time. You certainly have a good and gracious heart..Happy Monday..Judy

    1. If I'd settle down in front of the sewing machine instead of the knitting needles, I'd get more done! Thanks for your kindness!
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. Bless you. We made a mattress out of a crocheted quilt my grandmother had made for our daughter Franka's coffin. It was such a comfort to my grandmother to know that her darling granddaughter had something soft to lay her down to sleep. You are doing great on getting your mending done.

    1. Hi,
      I think that was a wonderful thing to honor Franka and your grandmother. Bless you dear.
      I'm plugging away on the mending. Believe it or not, there's more!
      Be blessed,

  7. Oh, my word, that is so sad about those dear, little babies. Their poor parents ~ my heart goes out to them. May the Lord bless you for helping to comfort them at such a terrible time. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend.


    1. When you think about it, for the babies, they are born into Heaven, so they are with Jesus immediately. It is infinitely sad for their parents though.

      OH, by the way, Cheryl, I'm using the fabric squares that you sent to me to make them! Thank you for being part of this.
      Big hugs!
      Praying for you all.

  8. Laura, All your talking of sewing got me looking in the cedar chest for a quilt I started when our 26 year old son was very young. He is grown, married and the father of our soon to be 4 year old granddaughter. I am thinking it's time to finish the quilt!! You are such a me, and so many others. God Bless you dear lady..
    A gentle hug comes your way, Karla

    1. It's time to get it done! I found the quilt I'd misplaced! It was in a tote in a back hallway with some lost linens. Hmmm...I think maybe the girls did a stash and dash! I had my husband bring in my quilt frame. This is it. I bought it over twenty years ago.

  9. Laura that is such a wonderful idea to make quilts for grieving parents. Many years ago there was an organization that asked for donated wedding gowns to make baby burial gowns.

    1. That's a good ministry. I think grieving parents are a lonely lot.

  10. Debby in Kansas, USASeptember 25, 2018 at 3:15 PM

    I don't know if this is local, but several of my friends knit/crochet little cradles for babies lost early. Some are as small as the palm of your hand. I think it's called Bridget's Cradles. I got all choked up the first time I saw one. I wish there had been something for my little angel.

    1. It's about 3-4 hours from me, but it is a really awesome idea!

  11. You certainly have been busy with a needle of one sort or another. Ministering to the grieving parents of the babies sounds so lovely an idea. I have my hands full with sewing and knitting this season. One of my favorite pastimes is to knit or mend outdoors in a cool breeze in good natural light.

    1. Dear Karen,
      I hadn't thought of taking my knitting and mending outdoors like that. The weather's been perfect. Perhaps I'll sneak outside for a bit tomorrow.
      I wish we were neighbors. I think we'd enjoy visits together.


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