Friday, September 25, 2020

Spread Sunshine All Over the Place!

My Grandma Mamie was a sunshine spreader!

I moved to this small Southern Missouri town nearly 30 years ago. I moved from a big city and thought I was moving to Mayberry! A lot can change in 30 years. The town has grown to about 15,000, which might seem big to some of you and small to others.

Small towns are supposed to be friendly, but they will only be friendly if we are. For that matter, my dad lives in Kansas City. He grew up in a very small town in Northeast Missouri. He is small town friendly in his neighborhood! Like father like daughter, I have a personal friendliness campaign. You can, too, no matter where you live.

Smile, open the door, offer to help others, talk to people—cashiers, people in line, other shoppers, 
receptionists, the librarian, the man who makes your sandwich, the gas station attendant, police officers, the postman—everyone!

Everyone needs a friendly word, or a smile, or even a prayer.
Don't be afraid to ask someone if you can pray with him or her, then do it right then if possible! It's a wonderful encouragement, and prayer works!

This is even more important than ever in 2020! No matter where we live, we need to make sure that the "social distancing" doesn't end up making us unfriendly and distant from each other in the long term.

God bless you! Have a wonderful week! Remember to share the love of Jesus with others!

Got to get busy now!
Keep on the Sunny Side!

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Psalm 118
I will live and not die and declare the works of the LORD in the land of the living.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Christmas Swap by Melody Carlson ★★★★★

The Christmas Swap by Melody Carlson is another must-read Christmas book!


From the Publisher:

All Emma Daley wants this holiday season is a white Christmas. But the young teacher and struggling musician sure can't find that in sunny Arizona. Luckily, there's someone living in a perfect mountain home in the Colorado Rockies looking to make a vacation trade this year.

Tyler Prescott is an in-demand songwriter and talented musician who put his own singing career on hold to write songs for celebrity acts to perform. When his mother convinces him to do a vacation trade for Christmas, he never imagined one of the houseguests would be so sweet—or so strikingly pretty. Naturally, he decides to stick around, and, to get better acquainted, he poses as the house's caretaker. But when Emma's friend Gillian discovers his true identity and sets her sights on him, things
get . . . messy.

My Thoughts:

I just adore Melody Carlson's Christmas novellas. I've read and reviewed several over the years. They are the books I look forward to the most. They just leave me feeling good! They are the ultimate in cozy up, put your feet up, put on a little Christmas background music, and sip something warm and comforting books. 

Emma Daley is a down-to-earth kind of gal with an uppity, spoiled rotten, rich best friend. As a substitute teacher, her feet are firmly on the ground, but she's about to fly and climb to new heights literally and figuritively. 

Tyler Prescott is a is a busy guy who's been pushed into the house swap by his mama who cannot wait to spend a Christmas in the sun. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he misses his plane. That's just the beginning.

Sparks fly when Tyler is discovered still at the house. Depending on who you ask, some of the sparks are sparkly and some are firy. Emma and her friend both have their eye on Tyler, but for different reasons entirely. 

I don't want to give anything away, but I definitely think it's a terrific low stress interesting holiday read. It's a bit different than many of the books. I truly enjoyed it. I hope you will, too. 

Five Stars!


Other Christmas books by Melody Carlson that I've reviewed:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

I use the Goodreads star system.
★               Did not like it
★★            It was okay
★★★         Liked it
★★★★      Really liked it
★★★★★   It was amazing

Sunday, September 20, 2020

the Christmas Swap... My 1st Christmas Book of the Season!

 I'm so excited! It came! 

My first Christmas review book!

The Christmas Swap

by Melody Carlson

She's one of my favorite Christmas novella authors.

I start reading Christmas books in September.

That's when publishers send them out for review.

I don't mind. 

(Something unpleasant must have happened there!)

All better!

 I enjoy reading Christmas books all year round.

My little dog Penny likes to lie with me while I read.

The temperatures have been getting down in the fifties here in Southern Missouri.
Some of the maple trees are showing color early. 
They usually get showy in early to mid-October.
We'll just have to see what it all means. 

Enjoy some quiet happy moments
as you await the change of seasons whether it's
summer to fall 
winter to spring
where you live.
God bless you all!

Happy at Home
Falling for Autumn

My hair is Winner in Glazed Mahogany by Raquel Welch.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Weekend Reading September 11

Hello ladies,

 It's feeling rather fallish this week. I do love fall, autumn, harvest time, whatever you like to call it. The crisp cool air just makes me want to cozy up, make a warm drink and read or knit while I listen to a great book. I'll be sharing my fall reading list very soon. I'm currently reading eight ~gasp~ books and knitting four socks. I need to focus! You'll see a book review coming in the next few days for Biblical Minimalism by Cheryl Smith of Cheryl Smith Ministries. There were some eye opening passages in that book. 

 For now, I'll share a few blog posts that caught my attention this week. I'll catch up with you soon.

How to Become an Active Listener by Roxy @ Living from Glory to Glory 

Old-Fashioned Cucumbers and Onions by my husband Lowell Lane

Who Needs Toilet Paper Anyway by Grandma Donna @ Gdonna 

Let's Dip Into Fall by Cheryl @ Cheryl's Frugal Corner 

Super Quick, Super Cheap Laundry Detergent by me

Want to Knit Some Mittens for Your Little Kittens for Christmas? by me

Online Broken Link Checker

I hope you find something you like. A few years ago I used the mitten tutorial above to knit mittens for my three little kittens. It was one of the most rewarding Christmas gift projects I've ever done. Start now! There's time. 

Be blessed y'all!

Focus on the good. It's all around us.

Your blog friend,


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Sunday, September 6, 2020

A Sunday Afternoon Thought

I hope this Sunday finds you peaceful, restful, enjoying time with God, family, friends, and your pets.