Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Brings Change

It's that time again! Spring is just around the corner. My little girl asked me to cut out shamrocks with her. We'll probably do that tomorrow. I may make a few sugar cookies also if I can find the cutter. I think I'll make a few dinner rolls in a shamrock shape as well.

Truthfully, shamrocks and such are not on my mind. My oldest son, Matthew, is going to Job Corps. He's leaving Tuesday and will be 7 hours away. As I understand it, he won't be able to come home for a break for 6 months. The program lasts from 16 months to 2 years. He'll learn job skills that will help him begin a career. Right now, he thinks he wants to do heavy equipment operation.

I know that this separation is nothing compared to sending a son off to the military; but, my momma's heart is still fluttery. I'm going to miss him so much. I know it's best for him. I know it's best for the family. It's just hard to realize that this part of my life with him is over.

I quit work 19 years ago to be a full-time wife and momma. It was a major change for me. I was not planning to stay home with him. I had given it some thought. I didn't realize that I really wanted to stay home until he was five weeks old. You see, I couldn't imagine giving him to someone else every day to raise. At five weeks, I realized I hadn't even looked for a babysitter! So, in agreement with my Lowell, I set out on this adventure called life with a newborn and homemaking. Now I have 3 more children. I'm glad. I'm not ready for an empty nest.

Happy Pre-Spring to you!


  1. Root and wings Laura, and I think he has both, so he will be in good hands. Our children are only ours for a short time, then they belong to the world, their world to explore, find themselves and marry. It's hard, when my oldest son left to go in the Marines for 4 yrs., I cried all the way home, but he's turned into such a good person, wonderful father, husband and I'm so proud of him! Roots and wings, chin up and celebrate his leaving as the first phase of HIS life. Hugs!

  2. Hi Laura,

    It's so hard to let your children go, isn't it? They will always be our babies!

    It sounds like you have taught him well, not only to live in the world, but also to live the Word of God and to listen to the Spirit. This will be very good experience for him. My son is a heavy equipment operator, he loves it! although, I wish he would have done something like, Job Corps - so many opportunities and windows will open for your son because of it.

    Hang in there - you will be in my prayers.



  3. (((HUGS))) It is so very hard to send the first one off to where they are going...I know it is hard..I have done that 3 times now.. I am a empty nester as of last August and it has been hard but am adjusting it..I am now retired with parenting and now have become their mentors. I do miss them very much and they do keep coming back...You get use to them gone and they come back for breaks from college and then I have to go through the feeling of emptiness again. You get use to it and find your own things that you have wanted to do for a long time..A new season in your life... I am enjoying it alot but still miss the kids..but I know I have done my job that the Lord wanted me to do and now they are soaring like eagles starting their own ventures...Have a fantastic day...Lisa


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