Friday, November 13, 2015

Simple Little Reminders of Mother Judy

Mother Judy
1940 - 2013
  I am going to be a great mother-in-law. How do I know? I learned from my own mother-in-love. She was always encouraging and never interfered. She asked me to call her mother years before her son proposed to me! She just loved and spoke me right into the family! I love her, and I miss her.

Judith Ann Benson Lane,
may her name be blessed forever!

Simple little reminders of Mother...
~ Sonic's Happy Hour diet cherry limeade
~ Poinsettias
~ Geraniums
~ Homemade potato salad
~ drawing kittens
~ coloring books and crayons
~ cats and kittens
~ cards and letters
~ McDonald's chicken nuggets
~ introducing her family to everyone
~ pewter cat statues
~ dangle earrings
~ venison
~ talking to strangers
~ praying for everyone
~ "Calm it, Lowell!"
~ "Well..." Long and drawn out
~ Christmas time
~ journaling
~ Beautiful Christian young lady
~ Special Christian young man
~ chili
~ chicken and dumplings
~ "I almost had a conniption!"
~ Baby's Boogie Box Band (Listen on Spotify!)
~ "super deluxe"
~ "diabetic snack"
~ "Lowell! Take a chill pill!"
~ "Oh yeah!"
~ the phone ringing during Michael's math lesson

Her last words to me...

"Laura Diane Lane, you will always and forever be my daughter-in-love." .


  1. Wow, Laura, you were really blessed to have such a loving Mother-in-law.


  2. What a sweet and precious tribute to your mom in law. What a treasure you were to her and her to you. ♡
    Have a lovely weekend, Laura!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Aww...this made me cry! What a special lady! I know you miss her terribly and trust God comforts you in every moment of grief. I love this tribute to her and how you recalled the things that remind you of her. Life goes on, but is sure is hard to go on without the ones who are missing.

  4. What a wonderful Mother in love you have. Know you miss her. She sounds like a lovely lady.. Hugs.

  5. You're too kind Cheryl. I'm starting on your questions. Some will take some thought.

  6. You're too kind Cheryl. I'm starting on your questions. Some will take some thought.


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