Friday, November 21, 2014

A Son Can Influence a Father in a Big Way

A few things that attracted me to my husband way back in 1981...

He was cute.
He was Vice-president of our Junior Achievement company, the Monday Night Specials.
He helped with cooking and clean-up when he visited our family's home.
He didn't live for sports.
He didn't hunt.

Then we had sons...
specifically this son...
and this happened...
three years ago.

Now, it's happened again...
but look what happened to Michael in the meantime!

See that big old gun?  Michael earned the money for it and all the gear himself while working at Royal Delights and for Johnny working cattle.

Results of the first hunting trip of 2014:

They didn't see a single deer!

Deer 1, Michael 0

Tired of Trying to Do It Yourself?


  1. What a sweet story, I truly enjoy your posts,especially since I'm a Mom to 4 grown sons.....

  2. I loved this! I think hunting brings great memories with our sons and having your Dad like it also is huge.
    Love the orange...
    Roxy Hugs

  3. Cute photos. Looks like "little boy" is now "big boy." How nice for them to share hunting together.

    My husband has never been a hunter, though he is a fisherman. I grew up in a hunting household, though, with a dad and brother who went out every year. I have eaten my fair share of venison, so I can honestly say that though your guys didn't get a deer this year, there is always next year.


  4. Next year or the next hunt! My husband and son went "hunting" but never fired a shot. They had some grand bonding time though.

  5. Dad's not crazy about it, but he does enjoy the outdoors.

  6. It was bonding time for my guys, too. They've moved the blind and are going to try again tomorrow.

  7. What a great post it looks to be a great bond between father and son. So what did you feed him to make him grow like that?

  8. Dear Vickie,

    I'm sure you've heard the story of Jack. Well, Jack's mother didn't actually throw the beans out the window. She sold them to me. I unknowingly made some delicious refried beans and Michael ate too many burritos!

    Blessings and happy Thanksgiving!

    Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Sweet photos. I've been enjoying watching my son and husband grow together, too. Such a special relationship!


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