Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting a Little Stressed?

No, it's not mine; but, it's beautiful!

Okay, some of you may be getting a little stressed at this point. Thanksgiving is but a few days away.

First, take a deep breath. Now, go take your turkey of of the freezer. Put it in the refrigerator to thaw slowly and safely.

We have a lot of control over how much tension we have in our own minds over holiday dinners. Planning is so very important. Here are some ideas that might help you:

Sit down with paper and pen right now and think think think.

Start with today.

Plan your meals for each day from now until the end of the weekend. Try to use the food you have on hand as much as possible to save your money for special items you will need to celebrate. Plan for a few impromptu snacks as well.





Snack or Dessert

Write this out for every meal. Then make a list of every item you will need.

Now, ask yourself a few questions.

Where will you be for Thanksgiving?

Will you be providing the meal? Bringing something to a dinner?

Traveling? Needing snacks for the car? Candles? Decorations?

Jot down any notes you might need.

When you're done with all of this, you should have a grocery list. First, shop your pantry and freezer. Check off what you already have. You should be left with a grocery list. Check it twice.

Now, plan to go to the store as soon as possible. Take your list!

More to come!


Loving the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas


  1. Laura, tis my busy time at work now, but I wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I've not had as much blog catching up time as usual and have been missing you!! Love the picture of you and your husband down below and I love your music!!!

  2. What a lovely house and that tree below is pretty too! Staying organized sure does help doesn't it, now if only I remember my list when I head to the store! LOL Happy Thanksgiving dear friend, I'm thankful to know you!


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