Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Three Biggest Factors in Moving

For me and mine, the three biggest factors in actually physically moving are books, clothes, and papers. Why? Because we have more books, clothes, and papers than anything else. So, today I started with books. Each time we move, I start with packing books. They're easy to pack; and, with the exception of school books and a few others, I can get by without them for the month or two that they are packed. Here's how I'm sorting books this time:

1. Keep out.
2. Pack and store.
3. Paperback Swap.
4. Give away.

I've got the first bookcase sorted. I just got some boxes. I'll pack up what I've sorted, put the swap books in the swap box to be listed after the move, and then I'll be taking the give away books to the homeschool meeting.

Now, I just have eight bookcases to go!

Um... did I mention we like to read?

I think I'll go read now!

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