Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Busy September

It seems that Autumn is coming early to our area. Yesterday it was 73 in the house all day with the windows open. It was even cooler out of doors. This morning, the air coming in the windows is actually chilly! As thoughts turn to Autumn this year, I'm cheered knowing that this year we'll be warmed by a wood fire in the woodstove. No, we're not buying a woodstove. We'll be moving to a cottage just a few miles out of town. It's old and in need of paint and a few updates. It's the caretaker's cottage for an old colonial style house. No one lives in the big house right now. The owner lives in a nearby city and doesn't want to keep up the grounds and the house. So, my master gardener husband will get to work to his heart's content in the beautiful park like yard.

As for me, I'm gathering my thoughts about paint colors, what my to do list will contain and how I'm going to get the to dos to done. ~smile~ So, for now, I'm off to get busy.

Happy Summer/Autumn!

Blessed Beyond the Stress


  1. You are moving?! Where? Do you need help?

  2. Hi Deb,
    Just south of town. I'll e-mail you.

  3. How exciting! We want to see photos! And more details! I want to find a way to add a woodstove in here somewhere, I miss it and it's much cheaper and warmer!

  4. Laura-
    That sounds so neat. When we still lived at Lake of the Ozarks, we were caretakers for a group of farmers from Iowa. They had several "summer homes" that needed to be kept up thru the winter. It was a lot of fun, er...except for the time that we got 24 inches of snow over night. Pretty hard to get out and the boats were going under in the dock slips. I am in Carthage at least twice a week, I should go for a drive and look you up. Do you belong to the Carthage Homeschool group? I went to one meeting, but was unable to come back. Well, have fun painting....

  5. Hi Sue,
    I'll have to get over to the house and take some before photos. My hubby has already been there doing a little cleaning and pulling up wet carpet on the basement. I'll post soon.

    Gayla, I'll e-mail you.


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