Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School Already?

In Missouri, the official school year runs from July 1 to June 30. Many homeschool families find that it is easier to either school year round or to start school earlier in the summer. This allows maximum flexibity for field trips, holidays, days off, or different scheduling options. For instance, after talking it over with my husband and children, we've decided to start earlier and have a four day school schedule each week. Usually, that will mean Fridays off. If we don't finish our work during the week for some reason, Fridays will be "homework" days. We're going to try the four day schedule for the first quarter; then, I'll evaluate our success and determine our course for the next quarter. I hope that explains our early start.


  1. They actually changed the law, it is just a calendar year from the day you start.

    That allows us even more freedom. Have a great year, Lane Family!

  2. We've done the four-day school week for years and have greatly enjoyed it. Four days a week we hit the books hard, then reserve Fridays for the fun stuff...field trips, family fun days, etc. It works well for us, and we pray that it does for you all, too! Happy schooling!


  3. We've been doing a four day week for years and years. It has always worked great for us! Friday is usually cleaning/project day. Through the summer, we just do enough to prevent forgetting as we are too busy with the garden and canning these days.

  4. Good Morning Laura,
    Just stopped by from another blog...can't wait until I have time for a longer visit! We, too, homeschool...year-round. We are so grateful that the Lord has blessed us with the ability to do is such a gift. I will be back!

    Have a blessed day,


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