Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday at the Cottage....

A little Bible...  I'm now listening to Deuteronomy on Bible Gateway.  I keep track of where I'm at by a reading plan checklist on You Version.  I'm ahead of schedule.

A little sewing...  I'm piecing a quilt top as a project with our church quilting group.  We're making them out of out of salvaged  polyester dresses.  I've never sewn with polyester double knit before.  A lady gave us about 250 dresses which we're seam ripping, cutting, and sewing into quilt tops.  We will then add batting and backing and tie them.  The plan is to give them to a missionary friend to distribute among the needy in Michigan.

A little reading...  I've been reading a mystery called Unbreakable.  I like mysteries, but sometimes they just seem well, a little too mysterious for me.  ~smile~  I just want everything to be okay.  Guess that's the momma in me. 

A little patienting...  I don't think that qualifies as a word, but that's what I was doing.  I had a "date" with my Lowell today.  We drove over to a nearby city and each got fillings in our teeth.  We've been without dental care too long.  Now we're paying the consequences.

A little family time...  Spaghetti for supper then a Disney movie called Sky High.

A little crocheting...  Just plain little dishclothes out of some dusty rose cotton yarn I was given.  Chain 21, SC in second chain, SC to end.  *Ch 1.  Turn.  SC in every space to the end. Repeat from * until it's square.

A little read aloud with the kids...  Crispin and the Cross of LeadEmily read this time so that I could crochet.

A little computer time...  Email, linking a few posts to blog parties, reading a few blogs, and a little writing.

A few minutes of relaxation, then a little sleeping.

Living this life a little at a time.
May I suggest?

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