Thursday, May 9, 2013

We're from the Country...


We're from the country...

and we like it that way!

Well, almost country.  We live 3 miles outside town on about thirty acres on the banks of Center Creek.  Just country enough for goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and kittens.  Right now we're raising three kids, two cats, and five kittens.  In a couple of weeks that will be three kids and two cats.  We're thinking about getting a puppy to replace Josh, our 15 year old Terrapoo, that barked his last bark last Memorial Day.  Last summer, our goat went to our friends who had more time to take care of her.  We were quite busy with tornado recovery in Joplin, Missouri.  If you live in the Southwest Missouri area, our kittens are homeschooled, handled extensively from birth, and ready for adoption. ~smile~
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

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  1. Oh yeah, I just asked if you made jeans skirts, and I see an adorable on on your gorgeous daughter! Yay, Mom!



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