Friday, September 4, 2015

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #45

Good day!

I went yard saling with my husband this morning—just the two of us. It was like a little mini-date. We stopped at Casey's for drinks and a slice of breakfast pizza. We stopped at a few sales, but nothing caught our eyes. That makes for a thrifty morning. Not buying something is just as thrifty as getting a good bargain.

Here's a bit of my thrifty week:
  • I reviewed Nichole Nordeman's new CD The Unmaking. It, like most of my review items were free to me in exchange for the review. If I like something, great. If not, I'll say so, but I also try to point out the positives, especially if it's a good product but a poor fit for me or my family.


  •  I received some books in the mail for review.

  • I sold some curriculum on Ebay. 

  • I downloaded some new fall graphics from Twin Creek Primitives.

Find free graphics here.
  • I watched a couple of episodes of Israel's Mission by Ray VanderLaan. It's a review product, and it's good! Watch for a review next week.
Ray Vander Laan
  •  I made menus using as many on hand items as possible.
That's about it for this week. Now, it's my daughter's turn to use the computer. We also save money by having only one car and one computer. 



  1. Laura,

    I wish you would write a bit about your experience selling curriculum on e-bay. I have a ton of homeschool curriculum (over 20 years worth) I would love to sell but am unsure how to go about it and selling things on line is a little intimidating for me. My children have all graduated so I really need to get rid of all this curriculum . Thanks

    Tammy Dougherty

  2. Thank you for the idea Tammy. I'm no expert, but I've sold a few things. I'll have to write a post. Be watching for it. ~smile~

  3. I always wish I'd get more done, Michelle. It's good though.

  4. I love going thrift shopping, even if I don't find anything = still a fun outing. I love A Christmas Carol, so will have to look for that book.

  5. We are doing an old series of Ray's in our Ladies bible study group this fall, just started last Wednesday, always interesting!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Connie,
    I'll bet you learn a lot from Mr. Vander Laan's series.

  7. Sounds like a busy and thrifty week! Well done. :)

    Found you via Making Your Home Sing Monday.

  8. Sounds like a good week. Being thrifty is a wise way to live. Kudos to you for sharing in your home. '-)

  9. Thanks, Sarah. I'll visit you in a bit.


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