Thursday, May 13, 2010

Offend Away!

My son, Michael, had a new experience today. He went into the post office to mail a package for me. It's a gift for my eldest son; so, we decorated the package with some stickers. Some of the stickers had a Christian theme. The clerk at the window told him that the package might be offensive to the mail carrier. Michael calmly told her that it was too bad, it had to be sent anyway.
Imagine that! Telling a ten year old that! I was proud of him for standing his ground. We talked about it afterward. I told him that he needs to remember to be respectful but firm when confronted about his faith. It's very mild persecution, it's true. What have we come to that a child would be treated thusly by a federal employee?
Still, I rejoice that Michael's faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. I say praise God!

May I suggest?


  1. Laura, I think that is totally disgusting. What a world this is becoming.

  2. I think that postal worker just had a problem with it, but good for your son for holding his ground!

  3. Wow ! I guess it shouldn't surprise me that happened but it did.

  4. Two great big "thumbs up" for Michael! He did the right thing - all of us need to stand up for our religious convictions. We need to show the Lord that we are on His side! Keep up the good work Michael. And, Laura, you certainly did raise a good son!


  5. I am a little late to this post, but...

    "What have we come to that a child would be treated thusly by a federal employee?"

    There are many offensive symbols in our world that she would NEVER have said that about and would have been shocked if anyone else had. But throw a cross in there and people freak out.


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