Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gathering Place Holiday Craft Show Carthage MO

Holiday Craft Show Vendor Information


While planning this holiday craft show we have had the pleasure of meeting several vendors and seeing some beautiful items. I can't wait to get them all under one roof.

Booths are $20.00 except the foyer, it is $40.00. Remember that we reserve the spots on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a spot you really want you need to indicate it when you bring your check by, or mail it.

Please list your top 3 choices for booth spaces. We already have several taken, and a list of folks who want in, so for best choice you need to respond quickly.

Several vendors have wanted to set up on Friday night. That is fine and I will have the building open from 6pm to 10pm for setting up. Call Friday morning to see if you can come earlier. You will also be able to set up Saturday morning from 6am-8am. I would like all booths set up and ready by 8am.


We have already started promoting this event to the public, but I need your help. When you send or bring by your check, please have a list of some of the items you have so that we can highlight them. We are trying to promote the idea that these are handmade crafted items for the holidays. We will be making every effort to get the word out in order to have a great turnout.

We will have sack lunches available to all vendors for just $5.00. It will include a sandwich with homemade bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo or mustard. It will also include a bag of chips, fruit, a homemade cookie, and your drink.

We will also have homemade baked goods available and drinks such as coffee, cider, tea, and water.

Of course we will have Christmas music playing softly in the background as well as a fire in the fireplace if it is chilly.

Looking forward to visiting with you soon.

Lowell Lane

The Gathering Place at Harvest Lane
4865 S. Garrison Ave. Carthage, Mo 64836 417

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