Thursday, March 8, 2012

C is for Christ

I cannot imagine my life without Christ.  Jesus Christ.

I was raised in a broken home.  My father left us.  My mother had a live-in boyfriend.  Eventually, she married him.  He was abusive physically and verbally.  Anger was a way of life.  I spent a year or more in a suicidal state when I was in 9th grade.  I was tormented at school.  Home was no better.  I had no hope.  My only relief was sleep and summers with my Grandma Mamie and Grandpa Frank.  They gave me the little black and white t.v. that changed my life.

During my 10th grade year, I began watching the PTL Club in the mornings while getting ready for school.  On New Year's Day, I watched the program again.  An ex-drug addict was talking of how Jesus had changed her life and saved her.  I remember thinking, "If God can save a drug addict, maybe He can save me, too."  Within a month, I was saved, going to a Christian Church, and on my way to a changed life.  It took a long time for the change; but, I had hope I'd never had before.

Over the years, Christ has continued to change me.  He who began a good work in me has been faithful to complete it.

He saved me from a life filled with sin and from repeating the abusive environment in my own home with my own children.   Thank you Jesus for salvation.  Thank you for saving me from what I could have been in this life as well.

May I suggest?


  1. Wow. This is an insightful post. I'm sorry life was so difficult for you growing up (I have to admit I have had it easy), but I'm glad that you were able to find hope through Christ! What a saving power!

  2. Amen!! Thank you for sharing your testimony!


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