Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Laura Lately A Thrifty Week or Two or Three


 Just a very bare bones post today so that I can begin my list again. I did these things and many others over the last few weeks. With the advent of spring flowers, I'm feeling more motivated to do homemakery things!

Altered some jeans and a blouse

Mended the crochet edge on a vintage tablecloth.

Used a gift card to go to a fancy restaurant and only paid $14 out of pocket including the tip. A Valetines treat a day early.

I made homemade granola for breakfast.

I've been using up what I have on hand.

I'm Knitting for Joy with yarn that I received as gifts from friends. 

I'm joined a scrappy socks knit along beginning the 18th.

Sent a card to a friend. I bought the cards for fifty cents a box at a thrift store last summer.

I've been taking leftovers for lunch.

Choosing to eat at home rather than out and about.

Bought eggs directly from a friend with chickens

Another friend gave me some leftover yarn

Made my cappucino drinks from a mix at home

Knit a pair of shorty socks using yarn a friend gave me

Knit a pair of shorty socks using scrap yarn that I've saved up and that my friend Jean gave me

I'm currently knitting a pair of scrappy socks for a friend

All for now. I'll start a new list. I want to start posting on Fridays or Saturdays again.

Be blessed all!

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