Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bags and Bags and Bags

of Granny Smith Apples!

Last night our family went apple picking. Boy did we go apple picking. We have several bags of apples covering our counter and on the floor just waiting to be processed. We were blessed to be able to pick the trees of a couple of ladies who didn't want to use their apples this year. We came along at just the right time. Did I hear God calling us that way? ~smile~

So, I've been a peeling and a coring. My little kiddles have helped me, too. It's so nice to work on something old fashioned like this with them. I'm taking a little break to get some of them cooked up.

What am I going to do with them all?

To start with, I'm making apple butter. After that, maybe an apple crisp. After that? Maybe apple pie filling. But first, apple butter. I'd like to make a whole lot of it.

It's been a long time since we had to drop everything because of a harvest. I miss the farm, that I do. We were there just a couple of years; but, it changed us somehow. Now we long for a little land again. It's that cow/chicken thang, ya know?

God bless you and happy harvest!

Thank you Lord!
Up to her elbows in apple peels!

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  1. Hi there. Thanks so much for sharing your life...I so enjoy reading what you write! I have a question for you....is making apple butter quite impossible for someone who doesn't (unfortunately) live in the country and pick her own apples?? I love apple butter, but have never ever made it. I also don't have a recipe...help? :)


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