Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From the Back Yard to the Kitchen to the Table

Good morning!

Yesterday was a rewarding day.

Early in the morning, my husband went out to the garden to work, as he often does. After he picked tomatoes, he found the corn ready to pick! He called to me to bring him a basket and a knife. The sweetheart not only picked the corn, he shucked it too before he brought it in! While he was shucking, I picked our first green beans. Oh, how I've been looking forward to green beans. They're a close third behind garden tomatoes and corn for me.

Lunch menu:
fresh buttery corn on the cob
green beans from the garden seasoned with ham and onions
homemade cornbread made with fresh eggs from our young hens and with fresh corn and a can of green chiles mixed in

Oh my, it was a feast! What satisfaction knowing that much of it came from our own back yard.

Happy Summer Day!


  1. This blog made me think of yours....


    See what ya think.



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