Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating Spring's Arrival

I don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my children. Last week, we did read a book about St. Patrick. My children are wearing green today by their own choice. That, however, is the extent of our celebration. I'm not really a stick-in-the-mud; I just don't like what the holiday has become. The focus is as much on drinking as on anything else. I've decided instead to celebrate the first day of Spring with our children.

Sunday is the first day of Spring in the United States. We'll have our first cook-out to celebrate. I'm still working out the details; but, we'll probably bbq some hamburgers, have some potato salad, and maybe some corn on the cob from the freezer that we picked together last summer. Hopefully, it will be a nice day to be outside.

We're also going to cut flowers out of colored paper and maybe color some flowers with crayons. We'll decorate the house with these to make our rooms pretty and bright. I'll also bring in a few blooms from the garden to enjoy.

I'm sure my Honey will be out digging soon!

How will you celebrate?


So Blessed


  1. Hi Laura - Thanks for visiting me! I have to agree with you, St. Patrick's Day is a huge day for drinkers! We don't drink alcohol of any kind, and neither my husband nor I are Irish!! But, my little grandson's birthday is today, so that's what makes it special for us.

    A cook-out sounds like so much fun! Who doesn't love hamburgers cooked on the grill? I am very ready for Spring and Summer and all that comes with it!

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. I just like the idea of making and eating green food! :)

  3. Hmmmm... well.. We (our ladies group) worn green lei's (?) and green hats....Mom forgot to read the origin of St. Paddy's day....the shamrock and the trinity and all.... not big on the Ol' St. Paddy's day either, we just like an excuse to have fun (ick-snay-on-the-drinkin-snay)LOL..... My mother signs her poem (she wrote) about being an "Irish Wanna Be".... as for Spring (which I do hope is here), perhaps a bbq would be great, except Hubby got called out of town for a week.....hope your day is full of sonshine :0)


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