Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearts for Home...A Few Commitments for This Week

encouraged us to make
a list of four to six 
things we commit to
do this week to keep our
"Hearts for Home".

1.  I commit to begin a new read aloud book with the children.
2.  I commit to doing at least three loads of laundry a day until I'm caught up.
3.  I commit to decluttering at least fifteen minutes each day this week.
4.  I commit to spending face to face time with each of my three little ones each day this week.

Four should be enough to begin with.


  1. Hello Laura,
    I see you are decluttering - I've been busy doing a bit of that myself lately :-)
    Laundry is something I need to keep on top of in my home too. It doesn't take long for it to pile up, does it ?!
    I hope all your plans work out well for you this week. It's so nice to see you joining Gae's meme too :-)

  2. Hi Trish, I prayed for you. I will be moving in a few months. I thought I'd get started now. Thanks for coming by!

  3. May you have a blessed week as you focus your heart on home. ~Alana~

  4. Dear Laura,
    Sorry to be so late commenting I was out all day with Dr appointments.
    I too am trying a new read aloud with our little ones
    I lov eyour idea of what you call face to face time.
    It is so special and our little ones love it don't they
    have a blessed and joyfilled week and hopefully we will see you join in again
    God Bless


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