Friday, September 30, 2011

Revelation to a Writer

God spoke to me tonight at a Releasing Kings Conference.  A business conference... imagine that.  I'm just about as far from business and entrepreneurship as anyone I know.  But, I'm not far from God.  He had a message for me in this unlikely for me place.

The Revelation:

I don't have to know what to write to be a writer.
I have to be willing to be used by God...
willing to write what He gives me to write...
willing to exchange the fear, the worry, the anxiety that someone might not like what I write, the memories of red and green ink all over my papers that I worked so hard at writing in college, the rejection of my youth, my natural focus on me me me.

I have to be willing to give, willing to be a channel for God's blessing to flow through.  My source of what to write is God himself and what His Holy Spirit reveals to me.  In His Word, in His presence.
All life flows from Him.

Flow through me, Lord God.
So be it.

P.S.  A sweet gal named La Vada just stopped by to share a word with me, "HE is the author and the finisher of our faith."
May I suggest...


  1. This is very good and so true.

    Great post!

  2. Oh! I'm always so afraid of writing, too. This post is an excellent reminder to me - that it's not about what I think I should write, but about what He wants me, too.


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