Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Above Rubies

Nancy Campbell's ministry has changed my life.  Her influence helped change us from a confirmed one child family to a full-house family of six.  Nancy, her daughters, and her crew of volunteers create, publish, and distribute Above Rubies Magazine.  She is so generous with her time and resources.  She longs to see women embrace motherhood as a sacred calling.  Thank you Nancy!  Thank you God!  Please bless her Lord!

From Above Rubies, "For over 33 years Nancy Campbell has been publishing the Above Rubies Magazine, as an unpaid labor of love, supported by a very small band of dedicated volunteers.
Supporting family and motherhood in these tumultuous and uncertain times, Above Rubies is definitely a major international ministry, reaching and playing a crucial role in over 100 countries of the world. The magazine currently circulates over 160,000 copies worldwide – and if 160,000 are being distributed, readership is estimated to be more like half a million!"

Above Rubies magazine is supported by donations.  When God provides the funds, Nancy has the magazines printed and distributed by mail.  Many ladies receive multiple copies so that they can distribute them to other ladies, leave them in waiting rooms, pass them out at church or homeschool groups, or to neighbors. 

Subscriptions are free; but, the magazines are of great value.


  1. Love love love Above Rubies! We have 7 daughters and for the past several years I have been getting 8 copies of it and saving each issue to put in a binder as a wedding gift for them.

  2. What a wonderful idea, Laurie! I usually leave my extras at church or at the laundromat. Seven daughters, what a blessed lady you are!
    Happy Holy Week,


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