Thursday, March 15, 2012

D is for Do It!

Pinterest is a fun and convenient way to keep track of ideas you've found on the web.  D is for DO IT!  I need to get busy on some of those great recipes, craft ideas, and such.  Last night I tried a new laundry soap recipe that is so easy.

Find the recipe here: via Laura on Pinterest.

I've washed two loads of laundry with it.  So far so good!

Emily made this bread a couple of days ago.  It was yummy.
Find the recipe here: via Laura on Pinterest.

I encourage you to find something that looks good and give it a try this week.
D is for DO IT!

Have a blessed day,
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  1. I am just learning to love Pinterest, and I hope that I don't just pin ideas but actually DO some of them!

  2. I still haven't figured out how to do Pinterest yet. These recipes look great.

  3. I also enjoy Pinterest! I had the same feeling and have been making myself try the recipes I pin. So far, they've been great. This week I'm going to make individual chicken pot pies in biscuits. Can't wait!

  4. I love the ability Pinterest gives you to track ideas all over the web and keep it in one spot! SO MANY good things though, that it is hard to pick!

  5. do you have links where we can go and get the recipes?

  6. Hi Laura,

    First of all that bread looks DELICIOUS! :) Would love to have a slice right about now. I love bread!

    And I'm glad to know of another laundry detergent recipe. I didn't like the cooking one either. I am using one that did require grating but it's the powder one that sits in a rubbermaid box on my dryer...easy to store and access and I love it. However, I might just try this out sometime. It can be made up quickly in a pinch. The part I don't like about the liquids is storing the gallon jugs! Ugh!

    Thanks for participating in Pinned it Made It Monday!


  7. Hi Tammy,

    I tried a powdered type once, but I found that the soap didn't dissolve in the water. I had bits of Ivory soap all over our clothes. I would love the convenience of powder though. I have modified this liquid slightly. My laundry soap jug is a smaller one that is around 45 ounces. I'm sorry. It's in the basement, so I'm not exactly sure. I tried using one tablespoon of Dawn regular, one tablespoon of borax, and one tablespoon of washing soda. I put a couple of cups of hot water in it, mixed it, and then topped off the bottle with cold water. It's been working fine so far. I use one cap full for regular clothes, two for towels and jeans and other dirty items. It's a simple, cheap way to make detergent.

    Thanks for talking back!


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