Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do You Find Bible Reading to be a Challenge?

I completed my first reading plan with YouVersion! 

I started back in January as part of a Professor Horner Bible reading challenge sent by my friend Deb.  It was intended to be a one year commitment to reading ten chapters a day, one in each of ten locations, alternating between old and new testament.  The whole Bible was covered plus some books were read repeatedly.  I found it too confusing for me to just move my bookmarks along; so, when I found Prof. Horner's Bible Reading System, I jumped at the chance to have a check list on-line.  I combined it with the use of's audio Bibles.  Listening really made some of the prophets and more difficult books easier for me to understand.  Covering so much Bible so quickly gave me a great overview of Scripture.  I am usually familiar with whatever passage of the Bible Pastor Dan brings up in his sermons.  I look forward to learning more.

I fully recommend YouVersion and to help you jump-start your Bible reading.  I'm going to choose another reading plan today.  They range from 2 days for a topic-related reading to several months for a through the Bible plan.  Go take a look.  Both the sites are free. You might just find something perfect for you. 

By the way, this is another post that sounds like a review.  It's not, it's just a hurray for me!  I did it!
May I suggest?

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  1. Great suggestions! I use Bible reading calendar on some computer software to track what I've read and help me stay motivated to move on.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with Share Your Cup. I have such good intentions of reading my scriptures daily, but have yet to form the habit. I MUST do better!

  3. I enjoy the reading plans with you version too. They help me stay focused on the point and make it easy to take notes. Congrats on finishing your first!


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