Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not the Christmas I Planned....

A Christmas Memory
It was a very difficult year for us.  Money was tighter than tight.  I was unable to do my Christmas shopping until the Tuesday before Christmas.

Two of my children came down with strep throat the weekend before Christmas. My husband took them to the ER. They got shots and felt better the next day.

 I wasn't feeling well and hadn't for weeks; so, I stayed home from church with my youngest child. The next day was Monday. I woke up so sick, I thought I had strep as well. I slept the entire day.  When my husband came home, he took me to the ER.  I was so sick, I didn't realize what was happening until I woke up and found that I had been admitted to the hospital ! I told them I had to get out because I had Christmas shopping to do. They didn't buy it. I had pneumonia.  So, my husband got to do his first Christmas shopping with a carefully written list.

The children were devastated and worried about me.  The children weren't able to visit because of the strep they'd had. It was a sad Christmas week for them. I was too sick to be sad. Finally, late Christmas Eve, the doctor sent me home with strict instructions to rest rest rest. My husband brought me home as a surprise to the children. They thought he was just visiting me. It was a joyous Christmas Eve after all.
The next day, we spent a slow relaxed day, just hubby, the kids and I.  No turkey.  No fancy meal.  By Friday, I felt better and my husband invited friends over to share our belated Christmas dinner.
It was probably the most blessed Christmas we ever had.
It was definitely memorable!

I hope you have the most wonderful of Christmas seasons.

Happy at Home

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  1. It's Christmases like those that put things in perspective. It's not the cookies and candy, decorations and gifts, caroling and atmosphere that makes's the joy of celebrating Jesus together - no matter what that looks like. My husband has to work this year on Christmas day - all day. So, we're being flexible, too. :) Stopping by from Weekend Whatever. Blessings from Croatia: Rosilind from A Little R & R:

  2. I agree - times like those put it all in perspective. How sweet for your kids to get YOU for Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. WOW, what a memory. That's one for the books! I pray that you have a memorable Christmas this year too, though not in the same sense : ) Many blessings to you. I'm visiting from Weekend Whatever linkup.

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  5. It is amazing how the difficult celebrations hold special memories. We celebrated my mother-in-law's last Christmas with us at the nursing home. After she had her dinner we headed home--but I hadn't prepared a Christmas dinner. We looked for a restaurant and the only one that we could find was a Chinese buffet. My oldest daughter said, "Really? We are going to go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day?" We were other people lacking a family dinner at home. Now this memory is one that we (including my daughter) remember with joy.


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