Friday, May 24, 2013

A Thrifty Week #6

Nothing exciting going on this week in the thrifty department.  We're done with our school for a few weeks.  We're officially on break until the end of June; but, there are a few things that the kids will be working on.  Math is always something to keep up as is Bible reading.

Since I've had more time this week, we've been doing extra cleaning around the house.  Things are beginning to look quite nice again.  Slowly, it's actually getting clean instead of picked up.  I don't spring clean, because we're always busy with school in the spring.  Some of those things are getting done now. Today is our 27th wedding anniversary.  Twenty-seven years, where have the years gone?  Oh, yes, dishes, laundry, rearing children, homeschooling, Joplin tornado recovery....

So, here's my thrifty week....
~ A morning of yard saling yielded a couple of brand new dress shirts for my son as well as some very nice clothing for all three of my children at home.  The prize was a very nice pair of suede fashion boots for my eleven year old.

~ An afternoon with the mending basket yielded a pair of jean shorts for my daughter and a denim skirt for me that are useful again.  I also hemmed a pair of jeans for my husband.  A shirt beyond repair was made into cleaning rags.

~ Just staying home saved gas and money this week.

~ Pretty bouquets of daisies adorn my tables.  The children found a patch in the field and filled vases and jars for me.  One of the things I love about living on the banks of Center Creek is the abundance of wildflowers in the fields.  Such a variety.  Last year I missed them.  It was so dry the flowers barely bloomed.  This year the flowers have loved all the rain.

~ Supper Tuesday was stir-fried greens that someone at the Farmers' Market gave to my husband at the end of the day.  I served cornbread with it.  As a reward to my children for not complaining, (I bribed them ahead of time), I made apple crisp with some canned pie filling my husband had bought a few weeks ago but didn't use.  The vanilla ice cream was not at all thrifty, but so yummy.  The canned pie filling was only thrifty as it fit into my plan to use up what we have in the house rather than buy groceries.  I've been doing this for a few weeks, buying fresh fruits, veggies, milk and little else that wasn't required.

~ Like the picture above?  It's a desktop wallpaper that is currently on my computer.  It's available from Gooseberry Patch for free.  Check out their terrific recipes and freebies.

May I suggest?


  1. Wow Laura you have had a fantastic time achieving so much, you inspire me, thank you. A lovely post.
    Lots of love

  2. Very nice post. Speaking of marriage my husband and I have been married 42 years!


  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have had a good week and been thrifty without even realising it!

  4. Thank you for your sweet wishes. 42 years, wow! You've learned the secret.

    Blessings to you!


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