Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm Calling a Hundred!

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If things begin to look messy around here, the family hears me call out, "I'm calling a hundred!" Then everyone must hurry and scurry and put away items calling out, "One!  Two! Three!"  We count to a hundred together and it makes a big difference.   It reminds me of Mrs. White's "very quick bursts of cleaning."

Hope you enjoy your day,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

May I suggest?

No Rules January Tidy Up


  1. Great homemaking tip! Thanks for sharing... Are we allowed to call 200 to get more done I wonder? :)

  2. This is such a great idea and it would help the boys with a little math in the process!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, Laura!

    It has been rather busy here, I hit the floor running this morning...


  3. It's been really strange here. We have one car and it's been broken down since Saturday morning. We're hoping it will be fixed by tomorrow night. We were able to borrow the church van. One of the benefits of working for the church for almost 3 years even though Lowell is now running his own restaurant. I hope it will be fixed tomorrow so that we can finish getting all the supplies for the 4H projects for the fair next week!

  4. Good idea - it reminds me of when I was single and living in an apt w/ a friend - we had no vacuum cleaner so one of us would say, "Let's do fifty(or sometimes a hundred") and she and I would each pick up that number of items off of the floor. It really made the floor look better as we were picking up pieces of lint, thread or whatever tiny particle was there. :)

  5. Laura....what a great tip! I think it can be applied even in correcting behavior issues. Like anger? Count to 100 to calm down? Thank you for sharing at Monday's Musings. Good stuff!

  6. Naomi,
    Counting to 100 might help. Ten has never been enough for me. ~grin~

  7. Great way to make work fun! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Reminds me of when my 6 children were young. When we needed a quick pick-up, they would play "100 pick-up" to see who could be first to pick up 100 items. (Yes, they were all close in age and there was usually enough to go around--but even little scraps of paper were counted.)


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