Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What Miracle Are You Depending on God to Bring to Pass?

One of the wonderful things about being a mother is watching as my children become young adults. Yes. I miss my little kids, but I marvel as I watch who they are becoming.

My son, 17, plans to become a police officer. Not only is it one of the most dangerous jobs in America now, it's one of the lowest paid professions. He plans to get a college education prior to entering the police academy. 

This mama will have reason to pray to Jesus. ~smile~ Strangely, God has put a peace in my heart about it. It's simply who my son is. As a two year old, he was in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The doctor told me that he was borderline cerebral palsy, but he wasn't going to write that diagnosis on the records. 

In prayer, God told me that by the time he was six years old, no one would know. I held onto that word in faith. God was true to His word. Now, my son's 6'4, strong as an ox, is a natural protector, and he loves Jesus. He's a miracle. I must depend on God for the miracle of protecting him as he protects others. 

What miracle are you depending on God to bring to pass?

...leaning on Jesus


  1. How beautiful. What a testimony. Praise God.

  2. What a tall and handsome young man he is! God bless and keep him always in the career he has chosen. God has given me so many miracles sparing me from death more than once and I am thankful. I walk by what was to be my last picture every day. It was taken when I was about 4 or 5.

    1. Thank you Michelle. I know Michael will require many prayers for safety.
      Do you mean they expected you to die when you were a young child?
      So glad you're still here. You're a blessing to me, and I'm sure to many others.
      Your friend in Missouri,

  3. Bless you and your son. Being a law enforcement officer is a tough job and sometimes thankless. My son in law is in law enforcement. He no longer on the streets but he does train those up and coming. He's been in our family less than ten years and been promoted four times! He's good at what he does and teaches compassion on a daily basis

    1. Thank you Linda. May God bless your son-in-law, keep him safe, and give him wisdom as he teaches others, in Jesus' Name.
      Thanks for dropping in!

  4. We need a miracle for our daughter's healing. She is having emotional problems. Thank you for your testimony and witness.

    1. Father God, I ask for your divine, miraculous intervention for this young lady. Please break through the fog or anger or whatever emotional problems she is having right now by your Holy Spirit. Jesus, nothing is too hard for you. I thank you for your love and your mercy. Please bring healing in this daughter and in this family. I ask it in your precious name Jesus the Christ. Amen.

      God bless you, you're welcome to email me directly at lauraofharvestlane at gmail dot com if you'd like more prayer.



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