Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. It left me a little tired. ~smile~

My Lowell and I had our date night Friday evening. We live in what we consider a small town of about 12,000. There's not a whole lot to do in the evenings; but, it's a great place to raise kids. We've called it our hometown for about 16 years now. Well, Friday evening we decided to stay in town for our date night. We went to Quizno's and had sandwiches. I really like their Baja Chicken. Yum! After Quizno's, it was on to Lowe's. They are a building center. We purchased a new screen door. It is an old-fashioned wooden screen door. Then we went home and worked in our office for awhile, enjoying a nice cup of cappuccino from the convenience store. Not a fancy evening, but the little kiddles were asleep; and, we got a nice unhurried break.

Saturday morning we slept late. I think it was at least 8:00 or 8:30 when we got up! We had a little lazy time; then, we got busy. Lowell spent a large part of the day painting and installing the screen door. My sons helped him with painting and getting it to hang and shut just right. Good father-son stuff. I took on the task of defrosting an unbelievably frosty freezer. My Lowell and my oldest took it out on the driveway. We then had to wait for some of the frost to melt before I could even get all the stuff out! (Do you sense a little shame here?) Well, I turned lemons into lemonade. We made some simple snow icecream! The neighborhood kids came over; and, all our kids loved it!

Saturday night, we visited friends and enjoyed hotdogs and s'mores on their deck. It was a lovely night of catching up, enjoying fellowship, listening to the wind in the trees, seeing the fireflies come out as night fell, and sharing prayer together. My Dear Friend Debbie is such a treasure to me.

Now, it's Sunday. We went to another cookout after church today. It was a nice relaxing time. I've had a headache today; so, I listened a lot. It was nice to just listen instead of talking so much. One can learn so much!

Well, Sunday evening is here. My Emily is practicing her piano lesson. My Matthew is at youth group. My Amy is making a collage. My Michael, well he's around here somewhere. My Honey Lowell is sorting papers on his desk. So now I'm going to go and gather my little ones and see if they'd like to listen to me read for awhile.

It's been a great weekend!

God bless!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Happy at Home

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  1. What a lovely sounding weekend Laura! It sounds so pleasant and peaceful and cozy. Loved this post, I truly did.


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