Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Thank God... Day 2

I thank God for my dad, Jim. As I was growing up, he answered every question, no matter how complicated it was. It was he who explained the electoral college and how presidents were elected. My parents were divorced when I was nine. My dad moved clear across the state. He made sure that he saw us often. He would either fly or drive across the state to come and pick up my brother and I. Then, we'd either spend an afternoon or evening together, or he'd take us home with him. He made me feel special and loved. I missed him a lot; but, I enjoyed the special treatment when we got to see him. ~smile~

It was my dad who encouraged me to go to college. It was my dad who drove me all over central Oklahoma to look at all the campuses near Oklahoma City. It was Dad who went with me to enroll me in the college in Edmond where he lived. He helped with all the paperwork, choosing classes, and gave me a home to live in while I was in college. He gave me something I hadn't had for a very long time- security. He also gave me freedom to grow up, to make mistakes, and he loved me anyway. He paid my way through college and bought me my first car. I'm very thankful for that; though, at the time I think I didn't show it enough.

We live several hours apart now. I miss him terribly. I wish we could see each other often; because, it seems that since I became a mom, we've grown more distant. He was busy with work. I've been busy with kids. He's retired now. My kids are older. I hope we'll grow closer and closer.

If you read this Dad, I love you; and, I thank God for you.



  1. I loved both of these entries Laura. Very well written and poignant. I Love and thank God for my parents as well. Thanks for sharing this sweet bit of your heart with us.


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