Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Simpler Christmas, a Calmer Mother.

Like a lot of families, we're cutting back this Christmas.

Santa does come to our house; but, he's just filling stockings this year. The children understand that the economy has affected Santa as well.

I'll be giving my children one nice gift. For us, a nice gift is in the $25 to $30 dollar range. Each year I spend a little more on one of them. They all know this; and, they're fine with it. They know I love them all and just need to spend a little more once in awhile to get that special something for one of them. It's a different child each year. It started with buying a Vision Forum Liberty doll for Emily. The next year it was a Vision Forum Evangeline doll for Amy. This year it is a ...oops! They read my blog sometimes!

This has greatly simplified my Christmas planning. I still hope to make something for each of the children. I've been cleaning off my sewing table; and I've got a few ideas. I've bought each of them something, with the exception of my 11 year old daughter. I am still clueless. ~smile~

I'll come up with something.

All this to say, I've greatly simplified giving this year. Extended family will all receive homemade gifts. I've bought a gift for my Honey and made him a gift, too.

A simpler Christmas is leading to a calmer Momma.


Happy at Home

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  1. I sure can relate, times are tough, even for Santa, but life is good! May I suggest a handmade apron for your 11 yr. old, it's something she will treasure when she's older with kids of her own. I'm making my 7 yrs. old grand daughter one for when she helps mama in the kitchen. She even asked for one, she may take after me! LOL


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