Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain or Shine?

Hi Friends,

We're having a nice sunny rainy day. Yes, sunny and rainy at the same time! The sun is shining while I listen to thunder and see the rain coming down. It's off and on, but odd weather!

Early this morning I ran some errands with the kids. Without a/c in the van, I was glad to get home before the heat really set in. I dropped my eldest off to mow a lawn for the local chiropractor. Matthew had bartered with him last week for services. I wish I was better at that. He'll do the Dr's daughter's lawn tomorrow; and, they'll be even.

Then it was off to a nearby city to shop for some clothing for my daughter at Target and Goodwill. I hadn't been to this Goodwill for years. It was like shopping at a nice store. Everything was so clean, tidy, and organized. I'll drop in again. I also stopped by the teachers' supply store, but didn't find what I needed. The public school teachers only teach 5 days a week. I need to keep records 7 days a week! Learning happens everyday around here. Lastly, we stopped for $.69 cent sodas and shared.

I came home, took a cold bath, and made lunch. This afternoon, I'll be working on record keeping again. I'm almost done. Then I get to start lesson plans for next year. I went through some books from Christian Light last night that my Friend Laura gave to me . I won't need to purchase many math and language arts books thanks to her generosity.

Thanks Laura!

Have a great summery day!

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  1. You got rain and didn't share? lol
    And yes, I rememeber the albums, do you rememeber the 78's? I never wanted a MP3 player till I learned all the neat stuff you can put on them. Did you know they have a ebook of the bible that you can put on there! Amazing!


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