Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up to Our Eyeballs in Tape...Blue Tape

Hi Y'all,

I was cooling off in front of the fan this afternoon after driving around in sweltering heat this morning. Welcome to Southwest Missouri in June!
Anyway, I got it in my mind that this place needs some sprucing up. And I have almost a gallon of off white paint left over after Honey painted the basement bathroom last year. So, my little Amy (7) is helping me tape around the trim in the hallway. I want to paint the trim and the three white doors. Actually, my big Matthew (18) will take the doors down and do them out on the porch for me. He might help me with the trim also. He works at a wonderful Hardware store down on the square. It's been there for a hundred years or so. So old fashioned and quaint. The point is that he has an employee discount. So we went and bought some narrow trim brushes and a new paint tray and stir sticks. The grand total for the project was $1.01. I later realized that I was out of blue tape. So Honey took Matthew back to get that. I'm not sure of the cost of that.

So, after we're done taping the hall, and the kids are in bed, I'm going to paint some trim!

What are you working on?

Up to my eyesballs in Blue tape,

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  1. Isn't this heat something, too early but not surprising after the winter we had! I love to spruce things up, and paint works wonders!


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