Thursday, August 6, 2009

Am I a Farmgirl?

My friend, Caitlynn and her mom and sister put together the Farmgirl Fest. This is their second year. Last year we had a great time. Rain threatened and some folks and vendors were scared away. It turned out to be a pretty day! We're expecting it to be bigger and better this year.

Gayla commented about me being a farmgirl. Well, not exactly. I did just hear my rooster crow outside my window. I do have 7 hens. I don't have a farm, just a house on a big city lot with few close neighbors. When I got the chicks, I went next door to the only neighbor close enough to be bothered and talked with him about it. He was excited about it! He wants to buy eggs!

Speaking of eggs, We've had 3 this week! The first 3! Unfortunately, two of the eggs had a hole pecked in the end. I hope we're not going to have troubles. Any advice you all can give me about laying hens will be appreciated.

So, no, Gayla, I'm not a farmgirl per se. However, my Farmgirl Connection membership was just approved at Mary Jane's Farm. Does that count?

I'm registered as Laura of Harvest Lane.

Mother Hen

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  1. I've been a farmgirl at MaryJanes for years, love it! It's a condition of the heart! I'll look for you there, you will love it!


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