Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nineteen Years Ago...My First Mother's Day

I'm remembering my very first Mother's Day as a new momma this morning. It's hard to believe that it's been 19 years! It was also my birthday. Hubby took me, baby, and mother-in-love to lunch at an incredibly busy restaurant. We finally were seated, orders given, and baby starts fussing...and fussing...and fussing. I ended up cancelling my order, going to the car and nursing for half an hour. In those days, in that place, it would have been scandalous to nurse him in the restaurant. After he was well fed and well loved, it was back to the restaurant to reorder my dinner. It was a little disappointing as a celebration, but it was what it's all about...sacrifice.

Nineteen years later, I'm spending my first Mother's Day without Matthew with me. He was first in my thoughts this morning. He's away at school. I miss him so much. I love him so much. He's changed my life so much. So much for the better....

Matthew, I love you!

Emily, I love you!

Michael, I love you!

Amy, I love you!



  1. :0)
    Popped by for a quick visit.... I will be back to pick your brain... :0)

    be blessed.

  2. Yes~my oldest daughter is at this place now. My how fast it goes. I remind her everyday that this will soon be gone and she needs to cherish each and every moment with her little Boston. They will be coming home for a visit soon. I just can't wait.
    You have a great evening!


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