Friday, October 29, 2010

Kindling and Rekindling

I had a little mini-date with my little girl, Amy, this week.  My original plan had been to take her to Paws for Books at the library.  Our vet was to bring some dogs in for the children to read to and pet.  I had Amy call to check the time.  Oops!  Wrong day.  We decided to go out anyway, just the two of us.  First we went to the dollar store and bought a few cleaning supplies and toiletries that we needed.  We ran a couple of errands; then, we decided to stop for a soda at the convenience store.  As we were driving, Amy saw the quilt shop.  Amy, my little girl who doesn't sew yet, got all excited about visiting the shop!  We went inside and browsed, touching the beautiful fabrics, patterns, and accessories with our eyes and our fingers.  It was enlightening to see which fabrics made her light up with pleasure.  Now Amy wants to make a quilt block like little Laura in Little House in the Big Woods.  I think this is going to be a creative winter with my girls and my boy.

We didn't spend a penny.  It was just twenty minutes or so; but, I saw a kindling of creativity in my 9 year old.  I felt a rekindling of my desire to sew and quilt as well.

May I suggest?


  1. Seeing the spark is priceless! Sharing a joy and passing on your talents is a treasure! Happy sewing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! :-) So nice to have you:-) I love coming over to yours, with the fall colors and the beautiful pictures. What a great story about how it all started! And I loved the post for today - I have special memories of my mom teaching me to craft (yesterday, even, she began teaching me to knit!) and they are times I truly cherish. And I LOVE that she wants to make a Laura quilt square! I have always loved Little House on the Prairie, and I have always wanted to make the same foods and crafts she did! :-) Thanks for sharing, and thanks again for visiting! Stop by again soon! :-)

  3. What on earth were you doing up at 3 in the morning on wi-fi?

  4. What a wonderful day! May her spark turn into a flame :-)

  5. Oh I have avoided the quilt shop like the plague. I would end up buying way too much.

    Maybe I can go sometime soon to use some material to make the girls some clothes.



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