Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Had a Great Time and Made Some New Friends

We had a great time at the craft show and made some new friends.  Everyone sold something, even little Amy.  She was quite the little sales lady.  The afternoon ended with my children going around and bartering things they'd made (plus a couple of hats I made) for Christmas gifts for family members.  Everyone was pleased to barter with them. 

I wonder why we don't do that more often? 

It only makes sense these days.

We didn't make a lot of money; but, we made a wonderful memory.  Our family, Dad, Momma, and all three little kiddles worked together to make this event happen.  All used their talents; and all worked hard.

Now, a day of rest.


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  1. You would think in hard times like now that more people would return to bartering, I'm willing and even offer it at my Etsy shop! So glad you all had a wonderful day!


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