Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Hens are Earning Their Keep!

We've a few new layers.  The egg on the right is a large egg.  The egg on the left fit in a measuring teaspoon!
Thank the Lord our girls are laying all the eggs we need right now! 


  1. And they eat their weight in bugs too! :)

  2. Our chickens are blessing us with fresh eggs right now too, and they must like Easter time too because I love going to hunt for the eggs. LOL

  3. Fellow crew member stopping by to say hello and earn an entry for Christmas book giveaway. My husband wants chickens at our next house. We start building the house hopefully in November. He has been researching the chicken coops. Do you have any photos of yours? Any recommendations before we gets started on this project. I can't wait to eat and bake with FRESH eggs when available.


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