Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laundry Day

Laundry Day...artist unknown

Not too many folks take time to enjoy life anymore it seems. There is pleasure in the process, not just the product.
May I suggest?


  1. Such a lovely picture and such a true statement...
    Blessings, dear...

  2. Hi Laura!

    I love the picture! I love to hang out my laundry - life can get so fast and furious, that small tasks like hanging out the laundry can sometimes "ground" me again! Thanks for the gentle reminder!


  3. So true, Laura...
    I love hanging my laundry outside- especially the bed linens. There is nothing better than the simple pleasure of good smelling sheets and covers!

  4. I love to do laundry! There is just something so relaxing in it. As I stand there folding little onsies followed by bigger and bigger boy clothes, I am reminded of how fast time flies. I stop and am chastened to spend more time enjoying the growing up of my boys. They sure do outgrow those little onsies fast!


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