Monday, May 2, 2011

Ten Years Later... Osama bin Laden

   It seems a lifetime ago.  In fact, it has been for my youngest child.  I'll never forget the moment I heard that our country had been attacked.  It was surreal.  Watching the dreadful, horrifying videos replayed throughout the day.  The confusion, the anguish, the danger, the sacrifice, the fear, the heroism.  I remember the upsurge in patriotism.  I was proud of that.  Then, it seemed as time went on, many in our country almost seemed to turn our backs on our soldiers.  I was ashamed of that. 

   So now, we receive news that Osama bin Laden has been killed and buried at sea.  After such a long wait, it went so quickly.  Forty minutes.  Forty minutes.  Now he will face an eternity in a hell far worse than the one he was responsible for creating.  I find myself with mixed emotions.  I do not, however, believe that it's over.  He was one man.  He preached his doctrine of terror to many.  He left a legacy.
   One woman...what kind of legacy will you and I leave?



  1. I'm glad this monster is gone, but who will take his place and you know someone will get revenge, so I'm scared there, and why did they bury him at sea so soon? I want proof, this could be a big PR trick since Obama is running again? Alot to think about today!

  2. As your Canadian neighbor I pray for the United States of America for God's divine protection on you as well as ourselves.. We are so joined with families in both countries.. My son-in-law is American as is my pastor...
    God keep us all in the palm of his Hand....

  3. To Sue they buried him so quickly to be in accordance with his Muslim traditions. They must be buried within 24 hours. And at sea so there was no chance of anyone building him a shrine.

    And his group confirmed that he was dead. And obviously were not very happy and planning retaliation.


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