Friday, December 9, 2011

It Began as a Comment About Giving

It began as a comment about giving on Annie's blog, Scrappalachia.  As I wrote, I thought I should share it with you, too.

We have seen miraculous giving over the last 7 months.  My husband is director of operations for the Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief effort at Joplin Family Worship Center.

Thousands of volunteers have come to help from across America and the world.  Millions of dollars worth of supplies have passed through our hands and been distributed to those affected by the tornado.  We have served thousands of meals and continue to do so. 

We want to be, as our pastor says, "Jesus with skin on".

It's what our family and our church has been doing to give, it's what we'll be doing to give for another four or five years.  It has changed us.  It's now who we are.  We are blessed to be a blessing.

If you or your readers would like to help by volunteering or donating, please go to for information on how to help us help Joplin.

Please pray for Joplin.  It will be a very difficult season for many people.  Counselors are seeing a lot of post traumatic stress and depression. 

Happy Christmas!
Laura Lane

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  1. I just happened to find you via Country Girl at home.
    I enjoyed it and prayers for sure coming to those affected by the disaster in the area.


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