Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scattering Seeds

"All our thoughts, words, and acts are seeds. They have in them a quality which makes them grow where they fall, reproducing themselves. This is true of the good we do. The mother’s teachings enter the mind and heart of her child as mere germs; but they reappear in the life of the son or daughter, in later years, in strength and beauty, in nobleness of character, and in usefulness of life. Not only is this strange power in the mother’s words; her acts, her habits, her tones of voice, the influences that go forth from her life, are also seeds, having in them a vital principle. Where they lodge, they grow.
You never can lose your mother. She may die, and her body may be borne out of your sight, and laid away in God’s acre. You will see her face and hear her voice no more; no more will her hand scatter the good seeds of truth and love upon your life’s garden. But you have not lost her. Your mind and heart are full of the seeds which fell from her hand along the years. These you never can lose. No hand of death can root them out of your life. They have grown into the very tissues of your character. They reappear in your habits, your dispositions, your feelings and opinions, your modes of thought, your very phrases and forms of speech. You never can lose your mother; the threads of her life are woven inextricably into your life.
~J.R. Miller
The Seeds We Scatter

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  1. Laura,
    This is a most powerful thought. I am blessed by it , and frightened by it. We all need to realize just how much we affect our children's lives. woe to us who heed not the Lord's command to "love one another". Thank you!

  2. This was SUCH a comfort to me today, as I miss my own sweet mother. Sometimes, the pain of missing her is near-unbearable. It blessed me to know that I have not really "lost" her, as she has poured SO much of herself into my life throughout the years. My mind went back to so many things that she instilled in me, and it also made me think about how I am influencing our own child. Oh, dear Lord, help me to plant seeds of You and Your goodness and attributes into his life! Thank you so much for sharing this powerful, comforting, challenging post! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  3. Thank you Laura for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. I'm with Jacqueline above, it blessed me and frightened me. Thank you so much for the reminder of how our words and actions can affect our children not only when they are young but as the grow as well. Blessings


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