Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Visit to Texas

Contrary to my Recent Posts... This is not a review blog.  Reviews are a welcome addition to my blog.  I used that wonderful little scheduling tool on Blogger for my reviews so that I could take a vacation.  So, things should begin to be a little more interesting around here again.  Hubby also bought me a new camera.  So things should begin to look a little more personal around here, too.  Now, if I can just master the camera!  He got me the simplest one on the market.  Point and shoot.  Well, if you know me, I am a bit techologically delayed.  I'll get it, though; just give me time.  ~smile~ 
So what did I do on vacation?

I drove clear across Oklahoma by myself.
With four kids, I don't go anywhere by myself!
Well, maybe the grocery store once in awhile.

I used MapQuest to plan my route. Unfortunately, though I had instructions about how to get to Little Elm, Texas, I didn't know how far any point on my route was from my destination. Lake Eufala seemed to go on forever!   Note to self: MapQuest is great; but, get a real paper map, too.

I was so happy to see the Texas Visitor's Center at the state line.

My new camera was tucked safely in my purse.  Out of sight out of mind.  I forgot to take photos until the evening before I left!  So, grandma and I jumped in the car and drove around taking photos.  Yes, the Little Elm sign says it's 107 degrees.  Thank God the air conditioner was working in my car.  Neither Grandma or I do well in the heat. 

Just one view of the enormous Lewisville Lake that Little Elm is built around.  Grandma lives in a house on a peninsula that goes into the lake.

Here's my wonderful Grandma Mamie.  She just celebrated her 90th birtday.  Isn't she just beautiful?  Her secret?  She stays active, mind and body, and exercises regularly.  Even after a recent illness, she refused to just stay in her rocker.  She believes in living life to the fullest.  She is a gift to me.

Just before I left, we posed for a photo, Grandma Mamie, Cousin Gloria, and me.  I think that's Gloria's cat, Patches in the back, looking rather odd with white eyes.  I told you I've got to learn to use the camera.  ~smile~

Great memories.  Thanks to my husband's willingness to keep the kids, provide the gas, car, camera, phone, and money I needed.  Thanks also to a wonderful gift of two new tires from someone who loves us.  Thanks most of all to God who made it all possible.

Next time, I'm going to take the kids.  They will love seeing Grandma and all their cousins.

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  1. Good morning Laura,

    I use scheduling for my posts often. It's so nice!

    What a great trip. I wouldn't know what to do going somewhere by myself. One day a few weeks ago, I went to the hair salon alone. Joy stayed home and kept Luke and it was so odd. So quiet! I did kind of enjoy that few moments of silence in the car though. I was ready to see them when I got home!

    I know you enjoyed visiting with your relatives!

    Enjoy your new camera!



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