Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let It Snow! Just One More Vestige of Winter and Leaning Toward Spring

I know we're all straining toward spring, but I wanted to share this cute window with you.  My Lowell painted it for a charity auction last Autumn.  I just came across the photo.  I hope he'll paint another like it for me next year. ~smile~

Are you interested in gardening this year?  We are going to try to grow as many veggies as possible this year.  Lowell's already got seeds sprouting in our enclosed porch.  This morning, I found an intriguing article about straw bale gardening over at Deep Roots at Home.  It seems that you grow the veggies right in the straw bales!  That would be a more affordable way to do raised bed gardens.  It would be good for renters, too. 

We'll have a busy weekend.  I'll look forward to getting back with you Monday.
Have a blessed weekend!

Happy at Home

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