Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where's Laura? Why Isn't She Posting?

Here I am!
What a July it's been!

It seems that the last few weeks have been busier than ever.  Here's a bit of the excitement around the Cottage....

~ We doggy sat for a dear friend for three weeks .  She was visiting family in Samoa.  Yes, the South Pacific island Samoa.  The children now know what it takes to care for a puppy.  His name was Tiger.  He was the bounciest little dog we've ever seen!

~ Our cat had kittens again.  Mind you, we gave the last batch away Mother's Day weekend! This time, I'm a kitty grammy to five girls and a boy.  Three of the kittens have no tails!  The one boy is light grey and does have a tail.  We have two grey girls, two golden yellow girls, and a dark tabby with golden yellow highlights on her face and body.

~ My grandmother and cousins came to visit last week.  There was the usual cleaning and preparation that accompanies the arrival of beloved guests.

~ That was quickly followed by a conference at our church this past weekend.  My family members worked at various times all week and during the weekend to prepare and help during the conference.  Busy busy! 

~ A very long to do list was to done.  Yep, wrote it just like I say it.  ~smile~

~ Today we'll have church followed by lunch, a Sunday School class, then my mother-in-law will have dinner with us to celebrate her birthday.

Busy busy busy!

Have a blessed Sunday and a thrifty and frugal week!

Happy at Home
May I suggest?


  1. Busy is good, a sweet reminder of our blessings!

  2. Don't want to sound harsh, but please get your momma cat spayed..and any kittens you keep. Males neutered. I would take one of your tailess ones if
    I lived near you..they are part Manx, which have lovely personalities!

  3. What a busy lady Laura, what a wonderful trip, so glad you are back, have really missed you
    Lots of love

  4. Hi Lynda,

    You don't sound harsh at all. I took momma into get her spayed right after she weaned her kittens. The doctor said she was already pregnant! The little raskle! This was definitely an unplanned pregnancy. We'll have another appointment for her just as soon as the doctor says it's safe for her babies. ~smile~ I live in SW Missouri. I'd forgotten about Manx cats.

    Have a terrific week. Thanks for talking back!

    Blessings to you,

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    Grandma actually came here, so no traveling for me. I've put the b in busy though. ~smile~ It's nice to be missed. You've been quite busy yourself. It seems you've been more productive though.

    Blessings to you,


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