Friday, August 30, 2013

A Thrifty Week #14 @ Harvest Lane Cottage

Here's a peek into my thrifty week:

~ We enjoyed a four day vacation at Beaver Lake in Arkansas for the price of food, gas, and supplies thanks to the generosity of some volunteers that helped Joplin after the tornado.  We ate lots of sandwiches and ate out twice.

~  I shopped for my veggies at our local Aldi store.  The selection is usually very good and fresh.  The prices are always lower than our local Wal-Mart. I always try to buy my groceries there prior to going to Wal-Mart.

~ We found homes for our kittens thereby eliminating the need for kitten food and making some new families happy.

~ I printed out some weekly planner homeschooling sheets for the kids.

That's about it. Today is my son's birthday. We're having a family party with homemade fried chicken tonight.  Happy 14th birthday Michael! 

Laura Happy at Home
and at the Lake

May I suggest?


  1. Happy Birthday, Michael! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Happy Birthday, Michael! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  3. Oh how fun to have a few days in that idyllic spot!
    We don't have Aldi here but instead another German grocery chain called Lidl and their fruit and veg is always well priced.
    Happy b'day to your son too!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! Have a great weekend! Maggie

  5. Hi Miss Sarah,

    Michael says,
    "Thank you. I did."

  6. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks, I passed on your wish to Michael.


  7. Hi Christine,

    Michael says, "Thanks."
    It's funny to tell him who's wishing him a happy birthday.
    He keeps asking, "Who's _____?"
    I answer one of my readers. ~smile~

    Thanks for caring,

  8. Hi Linda,

    Michael's smiling over the greetings he's receiving from my readers.
    Thanks for caring enough to greet him.

    I just came from your blog, your dog is soooo cute!


  9. What a great thrifty week! I too shop at Aldi often! I think their prices are great and their products much like the name brands (might even be the same just with their labels). Thanks for linking up to TTF this week.

  10. Hi Linda,
    I've been happy with most items I buy at Aldi. I really shop there primarily for their produce. The prices are so reasonable.


  11. I used to shop at Aldi's years ago and I don't know why I stopped. Maybe it's because my kids are out of the house now and I can afford to buy groceries

  12. Hi Ann,
    My children are 12, 14, and 15. I still find that groceries cost approximately all my money. ~smile~
    I hadn't thought of that advantage of children growing up.


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