Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #29

Dear Reader,
     I suppose you're right in the thick of preparing for Christmas.  There are so many things we do that get us all too busy to enjoy the season.  I do hope you take time to relax with your family and friends.  Think about what's really important to you.  Let a few things go.  It's okay.

Here's how I've been frugal in my home recently:
~  Wrote review Awaken Love
~  Bought 6 packages of chicken thighs marked $2 off
~  Ordered gifts on-line at Amazon totaling more than $35 to get free shipping
~  Used a redemption code HOLIDAY30 to get 30% off one book at Amazon.  I don't know if the code is still good or not.
~  Saved gas by shopping on-line
~  Saved hundreds of dollars by not going to the medical doctor but going to the herbalist doctor instead.
~  Downloaded free Christmas books for my Kindle
~  Made do with that I had for meals

I hope you have a thrifty week!  Be creative.  There are all kinds of ways to save money.  Need some ideas?  My most popular post of all time can give you forty ways.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


  1. This is the first year I've done it, but most all of our Christmas gifts were purchased on-line. It not only saves gas, but it also saves wear and tear on the nerves. :)

    I'd love to hear more about your herbalist doctor. Do you have a post you've done before about the subject?

    I'm off now to read your post on 40 ways to be more frugal!

    Have a joyous weekend, Laura.

  2. This time of year I buy a turkey or two to freeze for meals and with two of us that will be several months! Right now turkey is much cheaper than chicken. We have no preparations to do for Christmas but did get each other a little something. Blessings!

  3. Yes... Christmas keeps us all so busy.. Trying to get it all done.. and I have to remind myself... let some things go, enjoy my family, that is what is important!!!
    Great buy on the chicken thighs. I am waiting on a good ham sale.. to buy for Christmas.. And If I can find good enough sale price, Will buy an extra one, for the freezer, for the rest of the year.
    Always looking for sales.ha

  4. Great way to save Laura. I too took advantage of the Amazon free shipping! We have not done our Christmas decorating yet because of the woodwork being done in our house. (remodeling...)
    Hope to get it done and a tree up by Christmas time. :)

  5. I am currently reading 2 free Kindle Christmas books. So far they are a tad predictable, but it's December, my brain isn't working, and they were FREE. Win!

    Other than that we are just trying to fight off a "bug" so I will feel like decorating. It is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas here___yet!

  6. Such a good post -I agree that we have to let a few things go in order to enjoy the season.

    Would love to know more about your herbalist doctor. Sounds very interesting!

  7. Hi Vickie,
    I've only been to the herb doctor a couple of times. Honestly, I don't really understand how it all works, but I know she helps me feel better.
    Have a great week!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I usually try to get an extra turkey or two before Thanksgiving. This year my family wants ham for Christmas.
    Happy Christmas!

    Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Hi Joyful,
    We've been so busy at the restaurant, we haven't decorated much. I must get my tree put up because we're planning to decorate it Thursday evening.
    Happy Christmas!
    I'll be over for a visit soon.

  10. Hi Anne,
    It's not looking much like Christmas here, but...
    I do hope it will by the end of this week!

  11. Hi Judy,
    I'm letting a lot of things go. Friday, Saturday, and today, my husband's employees all called in sick at the restaurant. That meant the kids and I had to fill in.
    I'm doing my best not to let the time crunch stress me.

  12. Thank you for sharing your thrifty week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. Those are always fun and inspiring to read! :)

    I have been trying to make do with our meals too!

  13. Thank you for sharing your thrifty week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. Those are always fun and inspiring to read! :)

    I have been trying to make do with our meals too!

  14. Hi Jes,
    My husband just gave me a big check for groceries. I'm almost nervous with all the possibilities! I found sweet potatoes at Aldi today 3 lbs for $.99. I bought several bags to keep me for a few months.


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