Monday, July 13, 2015

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #42 Catch Up Edition

Summer is in full swing now. We're still finishing up school. I'm beginning to wonder how much summer break we will have. I've been a bit remiss in keeping track of my thrifty and frugal activities for the last couple of weeks. I'm going to hit some highlights.
  • Do gifts count as thrifty? I received two very nice gifts recently. First, some awesome clothes pegs from my friend Mrs. Olson. Second, a portable air conditioner from my step-dad and his friend Ronny.
  • I received a $10 rebate check from Lowe's for some ceiling paint I purchased a couple of months ago.
  • We had friends over for a simple sandwich supper Sunday evening. They brought the salad and some fireworks to add to our celebration. We had s'mores using the ingredients my daughter gave my husband for Father's Day.
  • I found two lawn chairs at Academy for $5 each for our girls.
  • Tuesday was in the sixties! I turned off my air conditioners for major savings!
  • We returned some gym shoes to Academy that had worn out. We'd bought them three months ago. They gave full credit toward another pair for my husband.
  • Lots of library usage!
  • I received another DVD for review.
  • I received my homeschool planner free for review. I've used the same kind for years. I can't wait to show it to you. Plus, I get to give one away this year as well! Yay!
  • I sold something on ebay. It was a little bit to help me buy school books, etc.
  • I spent nothing on fireworks. My kids spent very little. 
  • My husband added a simple phote to his cell phone plan for me. Not really frugal—but $20 a month isn't bad for peace of mind and to keep me available to him and to the kids. I am the designated driver after all. ~smile~
Sometimes I just forget to write things down. Can you relate? What have you been up to?

Go ahead! Talk back! I won't tell your mama!



  1. I call that God's blessings. Even little things mean alot. I certainly take notice when it happens to me. My best friend got a nice loveseat free when her husband spied it behind a store going out of business. It was in perfect condition, just a coupe of holes that she fixed. Pretty cool!

  2. "You won't tell my mama", lol. Thanks for the chuckles, Laura. Thanks for the reminder, I have to pick up a new day planner (my other one ran out when I finished the term) for the upcoming school semester for myself.

    My mil recently moved up here, and that has been very difficult, to say the least. Other than that (isn't that enough??) not much else going on. I did finish my summer Math course, can I count that as doing something?

    Keeping and staying frugal ought to be my middle name, I was just telling hubby I needed to go to the thrift store before the term started to get "new" clothes. Have a Blessed Monday, my friend.

  3. It looks like your doing great at being frugal. :)

  4. Laura:

    Always enjoy reading your posts. It is becoming a neat thing to be thrifty. I have been busy with my teaching, but have a few thrifty things to share.

    Have been trying to make more homemade meals for the family.
    Traded two quarts of blackberries for two lovely canned jars of corn pickle relish. Love the bartering system. It really works.

    Tried purchasing more home fresh things, like eggs, and fruits from the local farmer's market.

    Starting work on making homemade gifts for Christmas. Having a garage sale soon as it will help bring in a little extra money to be put away for a rainy day.

    Just a few to mention. I am still quilting, as someone may need a blanket, who knows. Love your quilted purses. Do you still sell them on Etsy?


    Lisa Qualls

  5. Hey Laura! Sounds like you've had lots of blessings lately---good for you! Hope you're having a lovely week so far! Our kids have a couple friends staying over tonight and Jamie is in playing board games with them. I'm about ready to take a bath and read for the evening. So nice to be pampered!


  6. Sounds like a really nice week.. [60 degree weather. I am so jealous.. we are having 97-100 degrees all week.. so HOT ... ha]
    Great rebates... [love them...] Proud you got the phone.. Always nice
    to be able to be sure each other is safe, from place to place.
    Have a blessed week.. Judy

  7. It is so wonderful how God is so faithful to supply our needs when we wait upon Him and His means of deliverance! So thankful to read your testimony of His provisions!! Much love to you, sweet friend. :)

  8. He is so good, Cheryl. I've recently been made aware of a very large need that seems impossible.
    With God, all things are possible to those that believe. I choose to believe for a miracle for this need!

    Thank you Jesus! I believe, help me with my unbelief!

  9. It was 96 today, Judy, and will continue all week. Worst of all, it's 4H Fair week! All those kids and animals in the heat! My two sons work in the heat, too.

    I think the phone will have a learning curve even though we got the most basic thing we could.

    Be blessed, Judy!

  10. Oh Linda,
    Check out the Well Planned Day. I'm doing a review within the next few days with a giveaway.
    Here's a link to the review I did on it last year.

    May God bring peace in your family!

    Congrats on finishing the math! You absolutely can count that as doing something!

    Your last comment made me smile. My eldest daughter and I went shopping Sunday afternoon. We went to the "retail" thrift store. The items there are $4 and up. No finds except a little cup and saucer Emily bought for me. It sparked joy!

    Blessings to you Simply Keeping and Staying Frugal Linda!


  11. Sounds like great blessings to me. I haven't felt like cooking the past week, so very thankful my mom in law lives next door...;) I did cook a large crock pot full of salsa chicken to have for several different meals coming up. We have been in the process of remodeling the outsides of our homes from all that hail damage, so we have been busy! But, will be loving all the new changes when they are completed. God is so good and he provides for His children. Have a wonderful week Laura! Hugs, Amy

  12. Hello, frugal lady. I can relate to this as despite the summer heat, I just open my windows in the morning so I can save energy. :)

    Enjoy summer!

  13. Oh I bet the air conditioner was good!! Thanks for sharing your frugal ways with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  14. These things do county for thrifty! You've had quite the full week and it sounds wonderful. We share phone plans right now with our daughters - I don't use my extras much, but it is good for them to be able to keep in touch :) I hope you have a very blessed week, I appreciate you sharing with A Delightsome Life.

  15. Sounds very frugal to me Laura! Glad you are getting good use out of those pegs. Hope they hold up well for you! The phone plan will be very good for you to have! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. I still am just thrilled with the pegs and your kindness, Jann!


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