Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Get This Book! An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti

Thank you Litfuse for this review copy.
I love a good Christmas story any time of year, but no time is better than when it's cold outside and warm inside. A little Christmas reading during snatched moments can be relaxing for the woman who has filled her days and evenings with all the things we do to "make Christmas". Of course we'd all like a cozy evening by the fire with a good book, but sometimes that just doesn't happen this time of year. Tuck a book in your bag and take advantage of wait times. You'll be amazed how it can pick you up.

I love the feel of this book, just the right size, dust jacket feels good in my hands. Yes, those things matter to me. After adding a leather cover to my Kindle, I enjoy reading on it, but I still love the feel of a real hardcover book with a nice dust jacket.

It's been very hard to read this book. Why? I keep wanting to stop and share quotes from it with my husband or my kids... or I want to share some of the things the Binders do during their week long Christmas celebration. This book is chock full of the kinds of traditions and relationships that most of us long for. I found things that I hope to implement with my family as it grows with in-loves and grands.

One of those ideas is to draw numbers for seating "—not to avoid conflict, as would have been the case with Katie's extended family—but to 'stir the conversation,' as Grandpa Wilson explained it. 'It doesn't matter who you're sitting near,' he'd said. 'You're going to enjoy it.'... It was the voice of experience."

I also loved the idea of a week of planned activities including a ladies' day, a day trip for the young cousins, and a bonfire in the snow. My favorite part was probably the no technology for the whole week rule!

My Favorite Quote

"Just be. Here. In the Moment. Fully Present."

There is so much wisdom sprinkled throughout the book. I definitely want to keep this one. I might even read it aloud with my family! I'd like to give it lots and lots of stars.
An Endless Christmas

Cynthia Ruchti    

Holiday Novella
Worthy Publishing 

Christmas takes a very different turn when the guests of honor break up instead of announcing their engagement. Trapped with his family, they learn that love looks different than either imagined. Both in their eighties, Dodie and Wilson Binder celebrate every Christmas as if it were their last. This year, their grandson Micah is planning to ask his girlfriend, Katie, to marry him so they can celebrate with the whole family. But things go very wrong when she says, "no." Now they are stuck. Too many people, too much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for disaster. But sometimes too much is just enough. Especially when it's Christmas.
 Meet the Author
Cynthia Ruchti tells stories "hemmed in hope." She's the award-winning author of sixteen books and a frequent speaker for women's ministry events. She serves as the Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers, where she helps retailers, libraries, and book clubs connect with the authors and books they love. She lives with her husband in Central Wisconsin.

There's no getting out of Christmas now, despite Katie rejecting Micah's marriage proposal. Cozy up this holiday season with Cynthia Ruchti's new novella, An Endless Christmas. The Binder family celebrates every Christmas as if it were their last. Too many people, too much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for disaster. But sometimes too much is just enough. Especially when it’s Christmas.

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  1. Hello Laura,

    Sounds like just the right thing for this time of year. Oh how I love Christmas!

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....I'm in...smiles...Blessings sweet friend.

  3. I love a nice Christmas story. Thanks for your review of this book. Sounds like one I would enjoy! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you for the review! I try to read a Christmas themed story at the start of each December. Happy Thanksgiving! (I found you on Roses of Inspiration.)

  5. Hi Nora,
    I just popped over to say hello at your blog. Gotta love a good cup of tea.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. You're welcome Deb. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Thanks for sharing this book. I'm always looking for a good book to read during the holidays. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  8. I always love a good quote! Great thoughts stay with you in your mind and help to make your day better! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Be blessed Jann, enjoy this wonderful season.

  10. This does look like a book I would like!Great review.

    1. Thank you. I'm reading it again right now Ginger Dawn. It makes me laugh and exclaim aloud!


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