Monday, November 7, 2016



Please get out and vote!

This is the most important election in our lifetime.

We believe, support, and live by
the Bible, 
the Constitution,
the Bill of Rights, 
and the Right to Life.

We will vote Republican 
to protect our religious freedom.

We will vote Republican 
to stop socialism.

We will vote Republican 
to protect America and
make it great again. 

Do your Christian duty.
Vote values. 

May God bless America.

*Hillary Clinton publicly, verbally attacked hard working, moral, American people.


  1. To God be the glory!
    Excellent post.

    Bless you~~

  2. "As for me and my house,
    we will serve the Lord."

    I just saw this verse on a Bible app I read! :)

    Be encouraged.

  3. thank you sweet friend...we all walked over to the high school and voted this morning at 6:30--our consciences are clear...have a beautiful day friend.

    1. Hello Friend Linda,

      I was honored to serve as an election judge at a nearby precinct. They had 5 times as many vote as did in the primary. We were steadily busy all day, but we ran two lines, so no one had to wait long. I had teens voting for the first time, a lady who must have been in her seventies voting for the first time, and a person who hadn't voted since Reagan! Sadly we did have a couple people who tried to vote, but they hadn't registered in time.

      Thank you for voting. It was a great comfort, when I was done, to know that our family had served to the fullest and had done all we could...when you've done all you can... stand!


  4. I do hope everyone votes. We have so many wonderful freedoms in our country that some people forget and start to take our freedom for granted.

    1. In our precinct, we had five times the number of voters as voted in the primaries Nancy!

  5. Thank you for staying on point! I truly hope someone on the fence about voting will take the plunge and go vote.
    I copied your flag pic, it's perfect! I'm in the "deplorable basket" and if I had a t-shirt with it, I'd be wearing it. My husband Tommy said we needed it on a flag, I agree.
    Anyway, I used the pic of the flag on a fb post, so thank you for the perfect pic that said what I wanted.
    Thank you for the work you are doing on the campaign, it's not feasible for me, so I admire you for it
    You & your family are in my prayers, for the wonderful Christ centered blog, I check in every morning!

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I'm glad you liked the picture. You're welcome, it was an honor to be of service to our country. May God bless you and yours!
      Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Amen, and amen, sweet sister! I am trying with all my might to hold on to hope, even as the enemy tries his utmost to prove we are defeated. I know you are praying as hard as I am. God bless you, and may He have mercy on this country one more time.

    1. "Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD!"
      God has been merciful. Let's pray for the next Great Awakening
      and pray for our leaders and for healing for our country.
      Love ya!


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